Refund Policy
Have you purchased something and are looking to get a refund? Well please read over our policy prior to reaching out to us. The information provided in the documentation may answer your question(s).

Refund Policy

Thank you for your purchase. We hope you enjoy what you have purchased. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may be eligible to refund it for a full refund or store credit. Please see below for more information on our refund policy.


You must request a refund within 2-7 days of purchase, the grace period of 2-7 days may vary depending on what you have purchased. Please also be aware that some items may not be eligible for a refund at any time. Also be advised that if someone other then the account holder of the customer requests a refund of the item it will not be approved. We also may not provide a refund, if not eligible within previously stated limits, if someone else logs onto your account and goes through the purchase process. We do have some exceptions to these rules though, continue reading for more information about those exceptions.

Refund Process

To refund an item you must contact an Agent Squad Productions Owner or Product Manager. You can do this through our website, support email, or Discord server. Please allow at least 10 days from the day you submit your request for your refund to processed and confirmed.


We do make exceptions for certain cases if needed for refunds that do not meet the eligibility requirements stated above. We have a few set exceptions, being the following: stolen information and/or product defect. We also will evaluate things on a case by case basis, but you can be denied a refund.

Requirements for Refunds

You may need items below to get a refund, ones marked with a * are required:
Proof of Purchase*
Payment Method Account Holder*
Be within the Agent Squad Discord
Proof of Stolen Information (If applies)
Proof of Product Defect (If applies)